Sunday, 15 May 2011

Jook tha Beetle

Whun I wus a wean an ye cum across a runchy bit in yer champ.
Ye cud a axt tha yin wa made it, whur they tryin tae.

Jook tha Beetle
Beetle - Taken at the Ulster American Folk Park Omagh 2011

This aul sayin can also be used when somebody's trying to  dodge a job or punishment

The beetle is a large wooden mallet used for hammering meat or pounding clothes.

Update: I found a grisly tale of murder entitled 'Scrape The Beetle', in Hugh Robinson's wonderful book 'Yarns from the Ards' 

On a final note I recently happened upon a linguistic website where scholars were discussing the word jook. Apparently in Hebrew it means beetle.

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