Monday, 14 January 2013

Betsy Grey and the Hearts of Down

Tae pass a dreighy day

If'n yer oanythin lik masel ye'll no bae tae far travel't this wather. Aye, it's oan oul, coul, wet, days lik tha yins wae hae noo that A hae mine o ma mither lukkin oot tha winda an tellin' me, " thon's a day fer tha fire". Maun bit it's a lucky man that haes his kindlin' split an his scuttles fu tae tha brim.
Bit yince yer settled whut dae ye dae. Fer thurs niver oanythin worth watchin' oan tha box an tha wireless disnae git guid tae tha nicht. Weel, if ye'll heed me, January is a quare month tae git caught up wi tha readin'. Iver tha past wheen o' years thur haes bin near a dizin o' tha oul Ulster-Scots classics reprinted.
If lik masel yer fae tha Ardes, an even if yer no, ye cud dae a hale locht worse thon tae git houl o' yin o' W.G. Lyttles buks tae pass a dreighy day.
Tha buks ir scrieved in tha 'kail-yard' style that wus popular, acroass tha scheugh, in Scotland at tha time. Yin o' tha main features o' this style is its use o twa languages fer whiles tha story is scrieved in English, aa tha taakin perts ir in Ulster-Scots. Noo es ye ken Am near aye oan fer tha braid Scots tha hale road. Bit A hae tae admit its no tha worst wye o wurkin. Especially fer aa thon wha ir a wee bit mere hesitant in readin tha hamely tongue.
If ye havnae read W. G. Lyttle A wud recommend ye tae stairt wi 'Betsy Grey and the Hearts of Down'. A story woven aroon oor ain folk an history. Tha buk taks es bak tae 1798 whun Betsy an hir  brither George alang wi hir fiance Willie Boal tak pert in tha 'Turn oot', tha name gien tae tha United Irish rebellion bye tha folk in tha Ardes. Tha buk follas brave Betsy fae tha Smidy at tha sax road ends tae tha battle o' Ballynahinch whur shae faced tha muskets an canons o tha King's sodjers. Aye tha dinnae mak them lik thon oany mere.
Tae nixt time lang may yer lum reek an yer spicket dribble

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lisneal College Burns Night

Hello Oul freens you are all invited to Lisneal's Burns Night Supper, Concert and Ceilidh on Friday 25th January at 7pm. The entertainment includes Tullitrain Pipe Band, Sollus, Shelly Anne Campbell and Tiny Feet schools of dance as well as a variety of talented local singers and musicians. Followed by the Alistair Scott Ceilidh Band. Tickets are priced at £14.50 and can be bought from the School Office (028 71348888)