Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A guid danner

A guid danners hard tae bait

Tha Danner

Tae danner doon loast loanins
Whur time hangs thick as stoor
An squinted een can aft times gleen
aa that came befur

Tae lay agin a warm stane wa
That croons a drumlins heid
Betwixt the plan o God an man
An free fae unco need

Tae weave tha breakers fickle pad
Whur swells rise up ageen tha lan
And in there wak learn tae tak
Solace fae thur tireless plan

Tae turn yinst mere an heid fur hame
Noo tha day iz gan
Oor peace new-made wae him wha said
Be still, an know I am.

© D. Gibson

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