Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Guid advice fur folk fond o thur bed

Yin o my granda's aul sayins.

"Them 'at gets the name o' early risin' can lie aa day."

One of the earliest recorded versions of this aul sayin (that I hae cum across) appears in 'Rustic Proverbs Current in Ulster'. From The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, 1st Series, Vol. II, 1854. Where it gives it's meaning as:

In any quality for which a man is celebrated an occasional deficiency will not affect his reputation.

I wud tend tae attributed a mere sleckit meanin tae it: Yinst ye hae bamboozeled folk in tae thinking yin thing ye can dae tha opposite.

Noo a days I think my yin's closer tae tha mark.

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