Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ulster-Scots Tea Ceremony

I love the vaguely, precise measurements employed by proponents of the hamely tongue. What other language can measure quantity, amount, distance and intensity with the same words.

The best way to begin learning the Ulster-Scots measuring system is to make a cup of tea.

"Wull ye hae a wee drap o tay?" If yer ootside it's "A drap in yer han?"

"Noo hoo dae ye tak it?"

Thur's a wheen o answers tae thon, an if yer oot bae mere than a hairs breadth wae tha timing or quantity tha tays ruint.

"Wae a wee toaty taste o milk."

"Wae a brave wee bit o milk."

"Wae a drap o coul water."

or "Wae nithin, jist tay on its ain."

Next week hoo tae axt fur sugar.

Thur's a quare guid poem on tha hale subject by Newtownlass

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