Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween is Cumin'

Halloween Is Cumin'

Halloween is cumin' tha goose is gettin' fat.
Wud ye please put a penny in tha oul mans hat.
If ye havnae got a penny a hapney wull do.
If ye havnae got a hapney God bless you.
And tha oul man to.

Ay, Halloween is cumin' bit A doot yell hear oany rhymers at yer dure. Yer mere lichtly tae fin a clatter o' weans dressed up es super heroes shootin', 'trick oor treat' an houlin oot plastic bags fer sweets. Maebe it's jist me bit A cannae wairm tae thon Amerikan idea o' Halloween. This notion o' gie es hanfus o' chocolate oor wull dae simthin oan ye seems a puir excuse fer oor ain traditions whur apples an nuts oor a wheen o' pence wus handit oot tae weans efter they'd gin ye a rhyme oor a sang.

Years ago naeboady haed elaborate ootfits bocht fae shaps an folk didnae feel tha need tae dae up thur wundas wi mak believe cobwebs an spiders oor plaster tha ootside o' thur hoose wi orange an bleck decorations. Half tha fun cum fae makin' yer ain costume oot o' oul claes an bleck'nin' yer face wi a drap o soot fae tha fire.

Aff coorse oanyin o a mere mature vintage wull tell ye that even tha Halloween rhymers ir a racent edition an that tha verse at tha stairt shud bae, 'Christmas is cumin tha goose is gettin' fat'. An thur nae wrang fer maist o' oor Halloween rhymes cum fae tha oul Christmas mumming plays. A tradition that haes aa bit disappear't iver tha last faftie year. Ay, A doot thur's oanyin left wha haes mine o' Room Room, Devil Doubt oor Johnny Funny, tha wee man that collects the money. Jist es in a wheen o' years thur bae naeboady left wha haes mine o carvin' turnips oor bobbin' fer apples.
Ach weel A suppose wae hae tae accept that things change es time gans oan. Stillanaw A cannae help bit think wae haed mere fun.

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