Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ullans Number 12 - Solace

The good people at the Ulster-Scots Language Society were kind enough to publish two of the poems I wrote last year in the latest edition of Ullans Magazine. They were also generous enough to provide some much needed editorial advice, for which I am greatly indebted. Below I have included my poem Solace which appears on page 23 of Issue 12


Tae danner doon loast loanins
Whaur time hings thick as stoor;
An skellied een can aftimes glean
Aa that cam afore.
Tae lay agin a waarm stane waa
That croons a drumlins heid,
Betwixt tha plan o God an man
An free fae unco need.
Tae sklent tha breakers’ fickle pad,
As spate owertaks tha lan,
And ower thair bak tae learn tae tak
Solace frae tireless plan.
Tae turn yinst mair an mak fur hame
Whane’er tha day iz gan –
Oor peace new-made wi him ’at sayed
Be still, an know I am.
D. Gibson,  2011

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