Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tha Appen Fire

Tha Appen Fire

Ivir tha past wheen o weeks I hae bin taakin aboot things ye cudnae bate wae a big stick. Weel maebae it's because I hanae got yin oany mere but I fair miss an appen fire. Och I know thur a locth o work: trapesin ashes through the hoose, trying to get the pan emptied wioot gettin covered in stoor, brushin oot tha hearth, I havenae forgotten the botheration. But the heartsome glow was a great company on a cowl nicht.

Maebae thons why it a pits me in mind o sittin roon tha fire as a wean. In thon days wae wernae spreatoot a iver the hoose o an evenin. Ivreyboady sat in the yin room. Ma faither readin tha paper, ma mither knittin' and ma sister drying' her hair yin side at a time. It's true tha rest o tha hoose wud o foundered ye but Im no sae sure that the cowl was the ainly reason wae stayed thagither, standing fornenst the mantle tae oor backs wus measelt wae tha heat.

Tha fire just made iverythin mere hamely. Even the toast we broont iver the flames on a lang toastin' fork tasted better than the slices that jumped oot o tha toaster. Bit maebae thon was a the way fir a hae mind o mae mither tellin mae aboot tha soda breed she had as a wean, baked on the gridel hangin fae the crook, an hoo it was better thon oany fae the oven.

Sitting here wae tha oil fired central heating gaen full bast. I simtimes wunder which is the waarmer hoose? The yin wae tha plumpim radiators or the home with smouldering peats and glowing logs. So if ye still hae an open fire enjoy it an until next time Lang may yer lum reek an yer spicket dribble.

An Aul Han

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